All the Reasons I Need – Jaime Clevenger

First things first: I love the friendship between Kate, Mo and Julia. I love how Mo and Kate were there all the way for Julia in Three Reasons to Say Yes and how Julia’s there for them both in this one.

Having recently come out as bisexual, Kate is doing her best not to let what she sees as a crush on her best friend Mo ruin their friendship. The thing is, it’s not a crush, she’s been attracted to Mo from day one, when they became roomates at college sixteen years ago, but wasn’t ready to act on it for the longest time. She knows Mo loves her but she’s not sure it goes deeper than friendship, and even if it did, she doesn’t want to foist her issues on her.

The issues Kate was mentioned as having in book 1 are at the center of All the Reasons I Need. She’s facing them in the bravest way, and it made me feel so proud of her (I know she’s a fictional character, so what). Sure, she can be annoying, not being able to make up her mind, but she’s got reasons, which can’t be said for all lesfic characters acting the same way.

This book is much darker than the previous one, which was more about romance and families (remember the twins? they’re baaaaack). This is about trust, and faith in a way. Trusting the one you love to still love you once they know all your secrets, trusting yourself with that love, having faith in what you can achieve and what you deserve.

It’s not a light read but Clevenger manages to still keep it sweet, and sexy. Once again, the characters she creates have depth and layers, and the angst they go through – and make the reader go through – is coherent and justified.

This can probably be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading Three Reasons to Say Yes first, as much for Julia and Reed’s story as for the substantial glimpses into Mo and Kate’s relationship so far.


All The Reasons I Need @ Bella Books

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