Three Reasons to Say Yes – Jaime Clevenger

I’ve read a few Clevenger books and while not mind-blowing, they were all pretty good. For some reason I had missed this one but I saw the sequel was coming out so added it to the top of my list.

On her way to Hawaii with her two best friends, Julia meets Reed, a very sexy butch who also happens to be a mom to four-year-old twins. Neither Reed nor Julia is the fling type but the attraction is too strong to fight and they agree on casual sex during their vacation, then keep going afterwards. The no commitment thing quickly fails with neither woman ready to admit to it. Julia falls for Reed’s kids as much as for her, which only complicates things. Add to that the fact that Julia is convinced she’s the worst lover ever until Reed proves her wrong…

I’ve said it before, I’m always wary of kids in romance novels. More often than not, they’re written as mini adults, more annoying than cute. That is not the case here at all. They play a real part in the story, and it’s also a welcome change for their mother to be so unapologetically butch. Both little girls have very different, very endearing and very believable personalities. They’re silly and sweet and noisy. They’re also a good example of Jaime Clevenger’s talent with secondary characters. Julia’s best friends are another. Kate thinks she’s straight and is engaged to a man her friends dislike. Mo likes to believe she’s better off being single yet she’s engaged to her current girlfriend, whom her friends dislike just as much. There’s something going on between Kate and Mo that they don’t want to acknowledge. Luckily for us, the sequel, All the Reasons I Need, is about them and I can’t wait to get to it.


Three Reasons to Say Yes @ Bella Books

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