Me, myself and I

I don’t remember when I started this blog. After I left my job (the best job ever, yet it almost killed me), I added stuff from my former blog, older stuff. Then I forgot about it all. I came back after a while when I had too many thoughts in my head and had to get some out. After that I realized this was also a place where I could publish the book reviews I was leaving on Goodreads et al. This blog was then called Not Me Anymore, which is still accurate, but now that more people read my reviews, the timing was right to change that, and the overall theme.

I write in English et en français, depending on the topic and mon humeur du moment. I review books in the language I read them in, so mostly English.

What else? I was a journalist for a long time, I owned a shop at some point but not for very long, I’ve translated a few books. I was a law student in a former life and lived in Glasgow (Scotland). I’m married to the best woman on Earth (she’s one of those capeless heroes, though she sure deserves one) and I’m a very proud parent. I’ve got dyspraxia and finding out about it changed my life, in the best way. I also deal (or not) with anxiety. I’m still better with cats than with humans. My memory is a joke and I remember emotions rather than facts.

Which also translates in the way I rate books.

Here’s what I wrote in my review for Cari Hunter’s Breathe: « It’s not always easy to explain why you like a book, what makes you give it five stars. Some books I love because they make me feel warm and cozy, others because they make me happy, others (especially adventure, sci-fi or fantasy) because they bring this excited energy I associate with childhood, this feeling of sheer freedom. Others, and this one falls into this category, because they make me feel my brain working, the cogs turning. In other words, they make me feel alive. »

Also, when I read books, I’m not really into genres. I like when people fall in love but I also like when they fly spaceships. As long as they’re women loving women, I don’t need actual loving happening each time. I just want lesbians and all other kinds of queer women and sapphics to be their badass selves in the books I read.

Oh, and I’m French. I live in Normandy, by the sea.


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