Gretel on Her Own – Elna Holst

4.5⭐️ - Calling this novella a queer retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairytale Hansel and Gretel is both true and inaccurate. Elna Holst takes the fairytale, breaks it apart and puts it back on with her very own twists, turning it into a completely different yet still familiar story. Whatever happened to Gretel and her … Continue reading Gretel on Her Own – Elna Holst

Worthy of Love – Quinn Ivins

4.5⭐️ - Finding a job and a place to stay is tricky for all ex-cons but Nadine Bayani’s situation comes with its own set of challenges. Nadine confessed to campaign finance crimes, a scandal that led to the victory of a horrible Republican candidate at the US presidential election. Republicans hate her because they see … Continue reading Worthy of Love – Quinn Ivins

Of scrambled eggs and a world of possibilities

Yesterday I made scrambled eggs. It doesn’t sound like much of an achievement, eh? And it’s true, for most people it’s not. Then again, they’re not me. I love food. I love to eat. I don’t cook. I don’t bake. I’ve gotten better at preparing basic meals over the last year as, for reasons I … Continue reading Of scrambled eggs and a world of possibilities

Finding Jessica Lambert – Clare Ashton

Finding Jessica Lambert took my breath away, literally and figuratively. I loved it and it totally triggered my anxiety. I knew what I was getting into. My friend Gaby from LezReviewBooks, who read it before I did (her review is here), told me it reminded her of me. So yeah, I knew. Good news is, … Continue reading Finding Jessica Lambert – Clare Ashton