Must Love Silence – Lucy Bexley & Abby Craden (narrator)

After finishing Sea Wolf, I couldn’t move on to just any other book. It wouldn’t have been fair to the book. I needed tried and true and next on my list of audiobooks was just that. One of the best narrators reading one of my favourite books? Yes, please.

You can never go wrong with Abby Craden narrating. Hearing her play a narrator is even better. Craden’s voice is rich and full of nuances and she can pretty much do anything she wants with it. Not only does she give each character their own very distinctive voices, but Reese gets two: her Reese voice and her narrator voice. Abby Craden voicing Reese narrating sexy scenes is delightful and I’m here for it. I loved this story when I first read it and, as often happens when the narration is good, loved it even more when I listened to it. Some scenes register in a different way when they’re told by someone other than the voice in my head, and I love this feeling of discovering them anew.

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