Confessions from the Heart (Confessions 0) – T.B. Markinson & Lori Prince (narrator)

It’s funny how much I enjoy T.B. Markinson’s books even when I dislike the characters, which happens more often than not for some reason. Probably because they feel like real people, far from perfect. It’s funny because I’m usually totally character-driven. I forget plots and stories but I remember people. Though in this case, I quite liked Cori. Sure, she has some level of immaturity and she’s stubborn, but she’s kind and I like how she wants to be judged on her merits, not on her celebrity mother, billionaire uncle or art gallery owner aunt. I didn’t know what to think of Kat at first but I ended up liking her a lot, as well as the secondary cast, including the three characters mentioned above as well as Cori’s dad, childhood best friend Annie (I’m happy her heart could be mended) and bartender / law student Sheila.

One of the things I consistently like in Markinson’s books is the humor. It sometimes borders on sarcasm but it usually works.

Lori Prince’s narration accounts for a huge part of why I enjoyed this book. She’s fantastic at finding the right voice for each character. Cori’s was wry and sometimes hesitant, which was perfect for her. And Kat’s was sooo sexy. Again, perfect.

This is the prequel to a series I haven’t read yet. I’m always at a loss in that situation, never knowing whether I should start with the prequel, as it’s the start of the story, or at the starting point of the author’s imagination. This time I went with book 0. I’ll listen to book 1 soon and am hoping I’ll still like Cori and Kat as much…

BTW I’m 48 and I love Lucky Charms.


Confessions from the Heart @ audible

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