Her Consigliere – Carsen Taite

My favourite Carsen Taite books are usually the ones with lawyers and courtroom scenes but this one comes close. Royal Scott is an FBI agent specializing in undercover operations. At the beginning of the story, she gets pulled from a job and immediately sent to another one, spying on the Mancuso family, and, more precisely, … Continue reading Her Consigliere – Carsen Taite

Best Practice (Legal Affairs #3) – Carsen Taite

I think this could very well be my favourite book in this series. I liked the previous two well enough but, as I’ve written before, I missed the legal / court element that I enjoy so much in Carsen Taite’s novels. For some reason, I didn’t miss it as much here, either because I know … Continue reading Best Practice (Legal Affairs #3) – Carsen Taite

Out of Practice (Legal Affairs #2) – Carsen Taite

Ms Taite seems to enjoy making her characters literally fall in love. A carpet incident threw Campbell in Wynne’s arms in Practice Makes Perfect. In Out of Practice, boarding a plane drops Roxanne in Abby’s lap. Abby Keane is one of Campbell's best friends and partners in the new law firm. A few months after … Continue reading Out of Practice (Legal Affairs #2) – Carsen Taite

Leading the Witness – Carsen Taite

I've said it before, for me Carsen Taite is a sure bet, I'll grab almost anything she writes, knowing I'll probably like it. She knows what she’s talking about, and she’s very good at creating the right atmosphere. So I knew there would be legal stuff (I love legal stuff) and romance in Leading the … Continue reading Leading the Witness – Carsen Taite

Practice Makes Perfect (Legal Affairs, #1) – Carsen Taite

Practice Makes Perfect

This is much lighter than Carsen Taite’s usual stories. As a former law student (in another life), one of the reasons I enjoy her books so much is all the legal stuff. Yet she’s also really good at romance, and romance is all this book is about. Sure there are lawyers and a case, but … Continue reading Practice Makes Perfect (Legal Affairs, #1) – Carsen Taite

Without Justice – Carsen Taite

Without Justice

I'm a fan of how Carsen Taite balances romance and intrigue in her novels. In this one in particular, the witness protection aspect is fundamental. Carsen Taite makes it very easy to understand how one might be feeling when their life is ripped away. You can't build relationships on lies so how do you fall … Continue reading Without Justice – Carsen Taite