Trial and Error (A Courting Danger Romance) – Carsen Taite

3.5⭐️ – When I reviewed Trial by Fire, I wrote that I hoped Nina would get her book, and here she is! Everything I love in Carsen Taite’s books is in this one: the law, the flawed characters, the excitement of the plot. What’s also there, and I wish it wasn’t, is the rushed resolution. Although it’s not so much rushed as far-fetched.

What’s the book about? Nineteen years ago, Nina’s girlfriend left her without much of an explanation. They haven’t seen each other since freshman year, then a former mutual friend asks Franco for help and she ends up in Nina’s courtroom.

Second-chance romance is one of my favourite tropes. In this case, the characters were still very much in love when they broke up and both have tried to move on for almost two decades. I bought the chemistry right away and was rooting for the MCs to find their way back to each other. I knew they would but MCs have a tendency to get in their own way that sometimes makes me want to shake them silly. These two never completely cross the line into annoying territory, in part thanks to everything else that happens to and around them: gunshots in Nina’s courtroom, Franco’s dad’s health, the case, Lennox’s brother’s case… I would have liked a little more about Nina’s campaign for re-election, which felt like an afterthought. As usual, however, I liked the characters, and I love coming across people I’ve met in other books. Lennox and Wren, from Trial by Fire, were a given but there were others I didn’t expect. One of them is Skye Keaton, my favourite bad girl turned good in this universe. Her appearance in this book isn’t extensive but there’s a short story with her as the MC after the novel itself, which you might have already read as it was part of the Amor and More BSB anthology a few years ago. Either way, it’s a nice addition.


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