Best Practice (Legal Affairs #3) – Carsen Taite

I think this could very well be my favourite book in this series. I liked the previous two well enough but, as I’ve written before, I missed the legal / court element that I enjoy so much in Carsen Taite’s novels. For some reason, I didn’t miss it as much here, either because I know not to expect it in this series or – and I think that’s the real explanation – because I really liked the energy between Grace and Perry.

When her little sister Perry calls for help after having fled Crimea without her passport, Campbell Clark hopes to get her to come home to the U. S. and stay. Too busy with work and planning her wedding, she’s very relieved when her best friend and business partner Grace Maldonado offers to meet Perry in London with the papers she needs to get a new passport and try and convince her to give Austin a chance. Grace remembers Perry as a kid but soon finds out that she’s very much grown-up now. And charming and sexy. Perry’s childhood crush on her sister’s friend comes back in full force, even though the way they view the world and their work as lawyers – Grace in corporate law, Perry always on the side of the little guy – seems irreconcilable.

Best Practice is a light and easy opposites-attract age-gap read. It’s well-paced and fun, not overly angsty, with just enough tension to be exciting.


Best Practice @ Bold Strokes Books

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