Practice Makes Perfect (Legal Affairs, #1) – Carsen Taite

This is much lighter than Carsen Taite’s usual stories. As a former law student (in another life), one of the reasons I enjoy her books so much is all the legal stuff. Yet she’s also really good at romance, and romance is all this book is about. Sure there are lawyers and a case, but they’re mostly background for the relationship between Campbell and Wynne.

After five years of working for big law firms hoping to make partners and having no life outside of work, best friends Campbell, Grace and Abby decide to leave their jobs and create their own law firm. On the same night, due to a carpet incident, Campbell literally falls into the arms of a beautiful woman, Wynne, whom she vaguely remembers from law school. When a client makes them work on a case together, Campbell finds out that the mousy student she used to know has turned not only into a beautiful and sexy woman but also a very smart one.

It’s a romance so of course they fall in love, despite the fact that each is supposed to be fighting to get the client to choose her firm in the end. Yet from the start they don’t really manage to see the other as the enemy. It’s obvious they try, but what’s meant to be will be (it wouldn’t be a romance otherwise).

It reminded me a bit of Melissa Brayden’s Kiss the Girl, what with the best friends founding their own company together, each bringing her own strengths, and one of them falling for the competition. But the writing is very different, and so are the characters, so it didn’t feel like I’d already read that particular story.

This is the first book in a new series, and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Practice Makes Perfect @ Bold Strokes Books

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