Southern Roots (The Compass Series Book 2) – Lise Gold & Addison Barnes (narrator)

Hannah and Kristine are definitely one of my favorite couples. I loved them in Norway (Northern Lights), I love them in Louisiana. I took my time listening to the end of the book as I was not ready to say goodbye.

There’s a lot more happening in this second book than in the first one, which was basically two people falling in love in an extraordinary place (which goes to prove that stories don’t have to be very elaborate to be wonderful). Having come back to London to find her world upside down, Hannah finds out her birth mother has left her property in Louisiana, which also happens to be where Kristine lives. The falling in love continues in very sweet ways (seriously, I think I’m in love with them being in love), and both women come to realize they can expect much more from life than what they’ve had so far. I loved how one grew into a family (or the idea of a family) she’d never thought she had while the other found her way away from hers, or at least separate from hers, putting her own story above others’ expectations.

I also loved the narrator’s accents, they were perfect.

Southern Roots @ amazon

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