A Spark In The Air – Dena Blake

On a backdrop of book pages, an iPad with the cover of A Spark in the Air by Dena Blake. At the bottom of the image, a strip of torn paper with a quote: "An entertaining holiday romance." and a URL: judeinthestars.com.

Is it too late to read holiday books? I guess if Christmas novels can be released in August, there’s no reason to stop reading them in January.

A Spark in the Air is a light and quick novel, which I read on a dark and rainy Sunday. It’s a pretty traditional romance, safe and cute. Crystal is sent to Pine Grove, Vermont, to convince the local authorities that it’s time for the small town to get better internet, that it would bring more tourists and make life easier for the locals. Among the people she needs to persuade is Janie, who manages the town’s internet café. Crystal goes undercover, not expecting to meet the woman who will make her question her own life.

I didn’t really understand the premise, why a small town would resist wifi and high-speed internet with such force and I think maybe, not being American, I’m missing some cultural nuances. It didn’t really matter as the story focuses on the romance arc. Crystal’s lies bring tension to the story and I felt the resolution was a bit rushed, but it was all in all entertaining. 3.5⭐️


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