In the Event of Love (Fern Falls #1) – Courtney Kae

Morgan Ross is so close to her dream promotion as head of the New York division of the event planning company she works for that she can taste it. Until she kisses the wrong guy and has to get away from Los Angeles for a while. A request from a potential client in her hometown of Fern Falls could give her the opportunity to prove herself again, even if it means going back to the place she left in a hurry several years ago. And probably having to reconnect with her dad and with the only girl she ever loved.

I went through all sorts of states with this book. Some really good, some not so much. The cover got me at first sight and the synopsis sounded cute. It’s meant to be the book equivalent of a Hallmark movie yet things that work in a two-hour-long film won’t always translate on the page. It made me smile and roll my eyes and grind my teeth in frustration. I would have loved to be a little more delighted and a lot less frustrated.

On an iPad, the cover of In the Event of Love by Courtney Kae on a backdrop of book pages on a wooden floor. On the left side, next to the iPad, are an axe and three Christmas tree ball ornaments (2 red balls, one blue). In the bottom right corner, on torn paper, a quote by Jude In The Stars: "A second-chance/holiday rom-com."

On the positive side, there’s some character growth and the chemistry between the MCs is real. Which is a good thing since that’s what the relationship is based on, as there’s not a lot of getting to know each other as adults. As a whole, there’s not a lot of talking, and that’s a problem both for the characters and for the story itself. A lot of trouble could have been avoided if the characters (Morgan and Rachel, Morgan and her dad…) had talked to one another, and I know miscommunication or lack of communication sound like a pet peeve but when they’re done well, I love them. A Whisper of Solace by Milena McKay is a good example of that. Miscommunication or lack of communication has to make sense for the characters as more than them simply acting like idiots, jumping to conclusions and such. Also, I love grand gestures but I also believe some moments deserve privacy. Again, that’s just me, an introvert, who felt uncomfortable several times reading about all these characters living pretty much everything in crowded places.

Despite all this, I enjoyed reading this story. If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming second-chance/holiday rom-com, complete with Christmas tree farm-saving and quirky secondary characters, and if you don’t mind predicaments being solved as if by magic, give In the Event of Love a chance.

3 stars

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