Taking Flight – T.C. Parker

On a backdrop of book pages, an iPad with the cover of Taking Flight by T.C. Parker. At the bottom of the image, a strip of torn paper with a quote: "This was seriously sweet and I want more." and a url: judeinthestars.com.

I really wish I enjoyed horror more than I do. Because that’s what T.C. Parker is known for and if what I’ve read by her so far, in genres that are not what she’s known for, is this good, I’m pretty sure her favoured genre is all kinds of awesome.

Taking Flight is her first attempt at a romcom and it’s funny and overall delicious. Some breakups have overreaching consequences and Felicity Fitzgerald finds herself unable to find a job, even if she’s a genius and even as far from London as San Francisco is. Out of desperation, she asks a distant cousin for help and, one thing leading to another, ends up assuming someone else’s identity. What could go wrong, eh?

So much. And yet it all fits perfectly in the novella length. The pace is good, the quips and banter are my kind of humour, and the characters are lovely. Felicity and Eva stole my heart as did Lily, intern extraordinaire, Felicity’s voice of reason, who gets all the best lines.

This was seriously sweet and I want more. 4.5⭐️


Taking Flight @ amazon

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