Forever Love – Abigail Taylor

Blake isn’t sure when her relationship began to unravel but the very vivid dreams she’s having of another woman aren’t helping. Not far away, Leia is having the same dreams but unlike Blake, she knows what triggered them: a lightning-fast encounter since which she hasn’t been able to get the stranger’s green eyes out of her head. As the dreams become more and more important to both women, they try to find each other.

There are all sorts of things in this novel that should have bothered me but I was having too much fun to care. At first, I didn’t like either MC much, they were both too self-centred, and the humour was too crass for me most of the time. The story is told in past tense (first person, alternate POV) but the author keeps lapsing into present tense. Because they spend so much time only meeting in dreams, the MCs aren’t really together on the page for more than half the book. It works, somehow, but I really liked them most together. Blake’s foul mouth and her friendship with Ty made me snort more than once, and Leia’s openness was endearing.

This book is a lot of fun, even though it’s not the most subtle. Or maybe because it isn’t. It’s in your face, and it could be too much but it’s also a nice change. If this book was a person, I’d say they’re loud and probably exhausting after a while but fun to be around when you want to have a good time. I believe this is the author’s debut, and while not entirely my cup of tea, I enjoyed it more than I expected and will definitely read more. Haley’s story should be interesting…


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