Ascension: Wolves of Goose Creek (Tales from the DarkWorld Book 3) – Ronnie Massey

As a child, Freedom Still Waters moved away from Goose Creek with her mother, leaving her father and her brother behind. When her brother dies suddenly, Still becomes the new alpha of their werewolf pack. Not only does she have to move back to Goose Creek and learn ways she didn’t grow up in, but she also faces opposition from those who aren’t happy with a queer female alpha. Add to that a witch, an irresistible bond, and an already volatile situation with her on again/off again girlfriend…

This book seems to be part of a series but can absolutely be read as a standalone. I loved the energy and the pace and the way they followed Still’s emotions. Still is a great character, flawed and strong. I also loved her girlfriend Dee and most of the secondary characters, except maybe for one that I thought was a bit too cliché. That aside, I enjoyed this story a lot and hope a sequel is coming.

In addition to the novel, the ebook includes a short story with three of the secondary characters. It’s not sapphic though.


Ascension @ amazon

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