Heart of Silver Flame (Sea and Stars #2) – S.D. Simper & Lois Ridge (narrator)

4.5⭐️ – I loved The Fate of Stars but Heart of Silver Flame blew my mind. I didn’t expect the ending and I’m a bit mad at the author right now for playing with my emotions so much. I know, that’s why I read, but still, it hurts right now. I need to listen to the third book asap.

Heart of Silver Flame begins six months after the end of The Fate of Stars. Tallora is trudging through her life, working at her mother’s shop and mourning. In her ocean home, people now call her The Great Survivor but won’t listen when she says Dauriel isn’t as bad as they believe and that Solvira is changing with its new ruler. The only person who believes her and the only one she feels truly comfortable with is Prince Calvin. When war seems imminent, Cal convinces Tallora to travel with him to Solvira to try and talk to Dauriel.

There are so many layers to this story. The reunion between Tallora and Dauriel was everything I was hoping for, funny, sexy, heart-wrenching. Six months apart have done nothing to diminish the chemistry between Dauriel and Tallora. As soon as they meet again, the heat is on. And while in the first book Tallora got to experience sex in a human body, it’s Dauriel’s turn now to find out about another species

Tallora’s friendship with the prince is sweet and I was happy that she had such a good friend by her side. There’s also a lot of intrigue and happenings behind closed doors that will break Tallora’s – and the reader/listener’s – heart. Both main characters are faced with impossible choices, honour and duty vs. love, while powerful forces play in the background. It’s hard to say more without spoiling, besides mentioning that new and old secondary characters add mystery and conflict and a fair amount of wondering who can be trusted and who should not be, what is betrayal, what is treason, and what is the right thing to do.

Lois Ridge’s narration is just as good in this audiobook as it was in the first one. There are more characters and therefore more voices added to the ones that have become familiar, and they all fit the characters well.

Heart of Silver Flame isn’t a standalone, you’ll need to read or listen to The Fate of Stars first and you’ll definitely want to move on immediately to the third book in the series, which, fortunately, is already out both in book and audiobook forms.


Heart of Silver Flame @ kobo

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