Her Pregnant Rival – Renee Dahlia

This book is ridiculous and kind of enjoyable because of it. To be fair, the author found the inspiration in a Reddit post and decided to have fun with it, so I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised. The premise is so far-fetched that I had to see where it would go.

All her life, Jamie has fought for her father’s approval. Since she didn’t do well at school, she’s always been told that she could rely on her looks. In her eyes, her beauty has become all she is. She’s not vain though, not in the traditional sense, but she needs to be beautiful to feel any self-worth. Her father takes advantage of her insecurity and of her fear that he might hurt her mother if she doesn’t do as he asks. Like seducing the employee of a business rival (who happens to be Jamie’s best friend) for some not so friendly corporate espionage. Even as she did what her father had asked of her, Jamie took all the necessary precautions and never expected to get pregnant. When she finds out she is, she wants to come clean to the guy’s wife, only to learn that they’re actually divorced. The plot thickens. Amanda, the ex-wife, is gorgeous and kind and when she suggests the two of them get married to spite their common ex and give the child a family, Jamie says yes.

As absurd as the plot is, I never questioned the chemistry. That first kiss… Swoon.

I honestly shouldn’t recommend this novella but I had too much fun reading it to keep it for myself. It’s over the top and silly, even when it touches on serious matters (Jamie’s lack of confidence and the degree of manipulation she’s been submitted to are no laughing matters), and it’s also hot. It’s part of a series, which I didn’t know but it can be read on its own, the characters from previous books are only mentioned a couple times. And it’s a novella so you won’t have time to get bored.

3 stars

Her Pregnant Rival @ Books2Read

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