Hot For Teacher – Emersyn Grey

What is it with tabloid-worthy titles in lesfic these days? After Her Pregnant Rival, here’s Hot For Teacher.

After her last relationship ended in chaos, Riley, a psychology professor, hasn’t felt like dating. Her best friend Adelaide, a police detective, tricks her into visiting a dungeon. After her initial shock, Riley decides to give it a try and spends an eye-opening (and orgasm-inducing) hour with Mistress Jordan. When they meet again in a very different context, things take an unexpected (for the characters) turn.

There’s some good and some not so good in this book. First of all, I like the cover a lot. It has this naughty look that fits most of the story well. It also reminds me of lesbian pulp fiction covers. The plot is interesting overall and I’m pretty sure the flatness I felt in the last quarter wouldn’t have bothered me as much had the writing been snappier. The main issue is that this book is a lot more tell than show. At times it reads like the minutes of a meeting. And there’s no verb tense consistency, a sentence can start in the past and end in the present. Yet in some places, small miracles happen.

The best part of this book is the chemistry and some of the scenes when Lakin is in full Mistress mode. That’s when the author takes the time to describe what is happening and how the characters react, what they feel. Suddenly, the writing gets a lot better. The scene when Lakin goes from one persona to the other and back is fantastic and would be perfect if Grey hadn’t squeezed in a paragraph skimming over part of the action. Or maybe I just want more because the rest of it is so good. If the whole book was written this way, it would almost deserve a five stars rating. Unfortunately, it isn’t, which makes it extraordinarily frustrating. The good news is, however, that it’s a debut and if the author manages to harness and develop the undeniable potential it shows, her next book could be very exciting.

3 stars

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