The Big Tow: An Unlikely Romance – Ann McMan

Vera “Nick” Nicholson, an unwittingly charming attorney, gets sucked into a life of crime while trying to do her job. Antigone Reece, the manager of the National Recovery Bureau – a repo agency in K-Vegas, NC – and not the kind of woman you want to cross, partners her up with Frances “Frankie” Stohler, a third-grade teacher. Trying to prove themselves worthy of working in repo, Nick and Frankie agree to increasingly wacky and dangerous (and therefore lucrative) jobs, sent their way by the NRB owner, the shifty “Fast” Eddie Abrams. Jobs they probably would have rejected had they not been swept away by the fountain of energy crackling between them.

The Big Tow reads like an action movie where everything that can go wrong will. It’s fun and exhilarating and kind of scary at times too. Nick is adorably dorky and insecure, Frankie is sexy AF. They make a great pair, taking to the idea of coupledom faster than they get naked. Or at least naked together. There’s a lot of Frankie being barely clothed for these insane jobs. If you’re into explicit stuff, you’d better enjoy Frankie while you can because the naked-togetherness is fade to black. On the page, there’s flirty banter and sexy kissing, the rest is up to the reader’s imagination.

But honestly, who cares? I loved every interaction between Nick and Frankie, and I hope Ann McMan decides to take them on more adventures, they have so much potential. I want more of Frankie’s family, especially her sister Lilah, who followed in their father’s steps as a mortician, and I want more of Nick’s family, her African American criminal defence attorney father and her pediatric oncologist mother from Guatemala, who is both loving and demanding, but gets on amazingly well with Nick’s over the top gay friend. I also want more of Fred the bartender, more of the snobby cats, more of everything. I’ll just need a minute to catch my breath first.


The Big Tow @ Bywater Books

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