Tutor – Lyra Hart

4.5⭐️ – From the blurb, I expected steamy hot, and Tutor delivered on that front. What I didn’t expect was so many feelings.

When she finds out her best friend Isabel – whom everyone except her calls Izzy, where she prefers to call her Bella or Bells – has never ever had an orgasm, not even on her own, Rachel offers to help her. Hands-on. Isabel’s inability to come is making her feel broken and unloveable (she can thank her ex-boyfriend for that) and she’s determined to get over it. If Rachel, with whom she has been in unrequited love since she first met her three years ago, thinks she can help, she’s willing to try. Rachel is all for casual sex so what could go wrong?

Tutor works really well as a novella and at the same time, I liked it so much that I wish it were longer.

The characters are complex and endearing. Despite being rather young (in their early twenties), both women struggle with past experiences that left them feeling humiliated and not enough. And because of these, they are not sure they’re worthy of the other, leading them to accept – to some extent – a casual relationship neither really wants. Better communication would definitely help but their reluctance to state their feelings to each other makes sense with who they are and what they have already been through. And I liked the obvious love and respect between the two.


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