The Song of the Sea – Jenn Alexander

Some people are brave. And by people, I mean authors. Jenn Alexander in this case. Grief, especially the grief for a lost child, as the topic of a debut novel couldn’t be handled by just anyone. Alexander does it masterfully. Rachel Murray is a good mom but she can't see it. Her six-year-old son Declan … Continue reading The Song of the Sea – Jenn Alexander

Spindrift (A Seal Cove Romance #1) – Anna Burke

Trust me to go from characters dealing with anxiety to another grappling with depression. Ha! Lucky I have the best people around me to help me not get sucked in either. The thing is, when authors are as talented as Clare Ashton or, in this instance, Anna Burke, the books are much more than their … Continue reading Spindrift (A Seal Cove Romance #1) – Anna Burke

My favourite 2019 books so far

There are quite a few books on this list that I've wanted to read (I even own a couple) but haven't yet. So here's my very biased 2019 top 10 so far, in no particular order except for #1. #1 Living by Lise Gold #2 Breathe by Cari Hunter #3 Back to September by … Continue reading My favourite 2019 books so far

Dust (Evan Reed Mysteries #1) – Ann McMan

With Galileo being released in a few days, I had to start at the beginning. Evan Reed is a "dust-buster", she helps political parties vet their potential candidates, i.e. find out all there is to know about them. She's very good at her job and doesn't care who she pisses off in the process. In … Continue reading Dust (Evan Reed Mysteries #1) – Ann McMan