Galileo (Evan Reed Mysteries #2) – Ann McMan

Galileo picks up two years after the events in Dust. It can be read as a standalone but if you’re like me and prefer reading series in order, you can get it here. You’ll have a better understanding of how Evan thinks if you do, and Dust is also really good, so it’s totally worth reading first.

Back to Galileo. Evan has been asked by Dan (her daughter’s accidental father), on behalf of the DNC, to try and find dirt on the President’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Cawley, described as “a judicial lightning rod – a polarizing poster child of the far right” with “a paper trail that’s nine zillion miles long”. The Senate’s fast-tracking of the nomination has Evan scrambling to do her job as quickly as possible. Things get even more complicated when she finds a link between Cawley and a former U.S. senator doing time for paedophilia. The web keeps growing as her best friend, Tim, appears in a photo in Cawley’s file. Tim, who is questioning his faith and his place within the Catholic Church.

Ann McMan tackles a incredibly touchy issue – sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church and beyond – in a very sensitive way. She doesn’t shrink away from any aspect of the problem, dragging her characters in all sorts of quandaries. And they’re such great characters. I’ve already said how much I like Evan and Julia in my review for Dust. In this sequel, we get to know Stevie and Tim better, and they are just as beautifully written. I loved the scenes with Kayla, Dan’s wife, as well.

Galileo could have been a very dark book. Yet it’s not. It’s another well-paced mystery, filled with wit and fantastic banter. And hopefully not the last Evan Reed mystery.


Galileo @ Bywater Books

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