Bells Will Be Ringing – Barbara Winkes

Bells Will Be Ringing romance is a sweet Christmas romance about grief, betrayal and allowing yourself to be happy again. And, to some extent, doing the right thing.

Dana Clover looses everything she cares about in one awful day. Her job as a lawyer, her girlfriend. Her friends convince her to take a break and spend a few days in the vacation home she never got to use in the small town of Chestnut Hill. Things don’t seem to go any better when she arrives. The house is freezing, the caretaker doesn’t care, and she cuts her wrist while trying to get some heat. Which leads her to the local medical practice, where she meets Dr. Holly McEwen. Sparks fly between the two women (we know, they don’t, not yet), and from then on, Dana’s life seems to find its balance again. At the beginning of the story, Dana is lost but she gets back on her feet quickly enough. Holly, on the other hand, while happy to help out, feels herself falling for the new woman in town, even though she’s not sure she’s ready. Everyone around seems to think she is, but the loss she has suffered makes her extremely protective of her heart.

While I really enjoyed reading this story, I have the same problem with it as with most novellas: it’s too short. I know, I know, novellas are supposed to be short. Still, the story could have been more developed and more than once I wished some scenes were a tad longer. The funny thing is, reading this made me realize how much I’d enjoyed another book by Barbara Winkes, The Amnesia Project, and that it deserves more stars than I originally gave it, seeing that it’s still very much on my mind.

Anyhow, the two main characters are very lovable, and if you’re into Hallmark movies, this is the book equivalent, and a good way to get into the holiday spirit.

3 stars

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