Moon Fever – Ileandra Young

Moon Fever isn’t as fun as Both Ways, the first book in the SPEAR Mission Files series, for an excellent reason: Danika is way too busy trying to stay alive and prevent an all-around war to be a smartass.

A new werewolves pack is in town, aspiring to impose its dominance. When Danika’s friend Wendy (sorry, Wensleydale Gordan) is overthrown from his position as Dire Wolves alpha, the new leader wants to take advantage of the mess already happening to take over everything. Danika reluctantly finds herself in the middle, all the while dealing with a new boss and trying to make her relationship with the lovely but dangerous Rayne work.

While this book could probably be read as a standalone, I recommend reading the series in order. You’ll get a better understanding of Danika’s actions, as well as Rayne’s, if you know how they met and where they come from. It will also explain why Danika’s team is so loyal to her.

As exhilarating as Both Ways, Moon Fever is more intense. Ileandra Young doesn’t give Danika nor her readers a second to breathe. I love urban fantasy when it’s as cleverly written as this, it feels so real I wouldn’t be surprised to meet a goblin or a gargoyle on my way to the bakery. The ending isn’t exactly a cliffhanger, but it’s open enough that expecting a third book seems reasonable, hopefully in the near future.


Moon Fever @ Bold Strokes Books

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