The Good Girl – Madeleine Taylor & Tessa Stavers

The Good Girl is Madeleine Taylor‘s debut erotic novella and I loved it when I first read it. I had only heard Tessa Stavers in one audiobook before, and I was worried her voice would sound a little too innocent for this. Which was a bit silly, since as the title says, this is the story of a “good girl”, as Emily sees herself. Besides, Tessa Stavers did a good job at the different voices and overall narration.

I didn’t get into the story as deeply as when I read it, in part because I found the narration a tad too dramatic, but also, I think, because there was no element of surprise this time. I already know how well Madeleine Taylor writes and how sexy her books are, so I didn’t experience that happy feeling one gets when falling in love with a new author. I did, nevertheless, enjoy the storyline, the chemistry between the characters, the steamy hot scenes (duh). I’m looking forward to listening to Tessa Stavers narrating Taylor’s second book, Online, and to reading the author’s third, Masquerade, which is announced for August 27th.

If you’re like me, you might enjoy this audiobook more if you haven’t read the book first. Whatever you decide, listening to it won’t be a waste of your time. Just don’t listen at work. Or in public transport.


The Good Girl @ Lesbian audiobooks

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