Not Since You – Fiona Riley

« I’m gonna make this vacation my bitch. » Charlotte is determined to enjoy the cruise she’d planned on taking with her wife even though she’s now wifeless and still hurt after finding her fiancée in bed with another woman. The good news is, her ex-fiancée wasn’t the love of her life. And as fate would have it, Lexi, who is the love of her life, just happens to be working on the ship and has been assigned as Charlotte’s VIP attendant. They haven’t seen each other in ten years, not since Charlotte left Lexi to go study in Europe, a decision she has regretted ever since.

I have a thing for second chance romances. One of my favorite novels is Turn Back Time by Radclyffe. There’s something delightfully angsty about lost time and making up for it. There’s often (but not always) some sort of betrayal the characters have to overcome, and trust to establish anew. And the question of whether the chemistry is still there. Fiona Riley deals rather quickly yet efficiently with the first issue. As for the chemistry, it definitely still exists. The love Charlotte and Lexi shared as teenagers has obviously never faded, but before they even talk about that and maybe imagining a future together, there’s a lot of sex. I mean, a lot. Not right away, there’s plenty of tension and teasing first, since Lexi is not allowed to have any relationship with passengers. A rule they try to abide by for a couple of days… It might seem fast but it’s not really insta-lust since they already were in lust a decade ago. They simply get to act on it again. It makes sense. And the fact that it seems so obvious, so natural, so easy between them stems from that love they’ve always shared, even when they were apart.

I have to be honest here. I’m way more emotional at the moment than I usually am so I’m not entirely sure all the feelings I got came from the book itself. But it’s still a damn good story, with lovely characters (including the secondary characters), it’s well written and hot. So hot.


Not Since You @ Bold Strokes Books

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