Ardulum Trilogy – J. S. Fields & Lynn Norris (narrator)

I read this trilogy a few months ago and absolutely loved it, from the world-building to the multi-layered characters to the complex storylines. I’m happy to say the audiobooks are even better. I’m in awe of the narrator’s ability to give life to so many different characters and so many species. I couldn’t wait to hear her voice the fungi or the trees, and I was not disappointed. Each character is easily recognizable, she uses different voices and rythm, even the way she breathes varies according to the personality of the person (or being) talking. Neek / Atalant and Emn are perfect, way better than what I’d come up with in my head, and so are Yorden and Nicholas. And pretty much everyone.

And you won’t want to miss the tapestry hanging scene in Ardulum: Third Don. Very, very sexy. Very. I mean, wow.

Now that you know how I feel about the narration, here’s what I wrote about the story itself:

Ardulum: First Don

Ardulum: Second Don

Ardulum: Third Don


All the info on where to buy the three audiobooks can be found on the Lesbian audiobooks website.

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