Breaking Point – Amy Bright

Maybe I need to stop reading scary books when I’m all alone at home and the only sounds are the wind and the rain against the windows, or one of my cats running around, making me jump. At first glance, this might look like a romance but it’s not. Oh, there’s some romance all right, but it’s not what this book is about. The real topic is a friendship gone very wrong, when one person has much bigger feelings than the other and won’t take no for an answer.

Dawn and Tess have been friends since second grade. They dated briefly at some point and stayed friends afterwards. But Tess never got over Dawn and still hopes her love will be returned some day. So when Dawn, while on holidays with Tess, meets Andi and it’s clear pretty soon that their affair is not a mere summer fling, Tess loses it big time.

While not my usual kind of story, Breaking Point is very well done. It’s a novella rather than a novel, which makes it a bit too short for the author to develop the events as much as I would have liked. Probably for the same reasons, the romance feels a little rushed. Andi and Dawn have fantastic chemistry right from the start but the falling in love happens way too fast, maybe because the sex scenes are a lot more detailed than the getting-to-know-you scenes.

Then again, this is a debut, and despite these flaws, it’s rather promising. I mean, I’m still kinda shivering…


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