Incognito – VK Powell

While not ground-breaking, this book is exciting and fast-paced and the chemistry between the two main characters is great.

Evan Spears is a by-the-book US Marshall whose last mission ended in disaster, making her more cautious than ever. She’s forced to include to her team DEA agent Frankie Strong, who has been working mostly undercover and unsupervised for the last six years. At first they go head to head, each trying trying to assert her standing. As they start working together, Evan trying to plan for everything and Frankie ad-libbing, they get to know and respect each other. The growing attraction between them is just one more hurdle they have to overcome.

I’ve read three or four books by V. K. Powell before but they didn’t make much of an impression. This one, on the other hand, I really enjoyed, despite the back and forth between Frankie and Evan being slightly repetitive. I also wish one of the villains didn’t bear my name, but I’ll get over it.

Incognito @ Bold Strokes Books

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