Endangered – Michelle Larkin

Shapeshifters. Human supremacists. Humor. Romance. Spider-Man earmuffs. Got your attention? Good. There’s all that and more in the book.

I wasn’t planning on reading Endangered but then I read Lex’s mostly disappointed review and it made me want to give it a try (that’s the effect of a good negative review), and I have no regrets.

Aspen is a Boston beat cop and a smartass. She has just brought a young shapeshifter to the hospital when the gorgeous doctor taking care of the girl informs them the government has ordered the extermination of all shapeshifters, or Shrouds. Tora, the doctor, reveals herself to be a Shroud too and helps them escape to Aspen’s adoptive father’s (yet another Shroud) house. With other Shrouds, they all flee to a sanctuary Tara’s father has created, having foreseen this very situation. In the meantime Aspen finds out she herself is not only a shapeshifter but a Myriad, the most powerful and gifted kind of Shroud.

What I liked most about this novel was it’s tone, mostly linked to Aspen’s sense of humor and the banter between the characters in times of danger. There’s a Star Wars feel in that, it kinda reminded me of quips between Princess Leia and Han Solo.

Most of what I didn’t like or felt could have been dealt better with is mentioned in Lex’s review: a few inconsistencies, the romance which goes way too fast from two people not standing each other to them being in love, the rushed ending… But the rhythm, the humor, the interesting and endearing characters were enough to keep me hooked and I’m really hoping there’s a sequel not too long from now.

Endangered at Bold Strokes Books

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