A Proper Cuppa Tea – K.G. MacGregor & C.C. Sinclair (narrator)

To celebrate its Goldie Award, Cat Lookabaugh, who narrated the audio version under the name C.C. Sinclair, gave away codes and I was lucky enough to get one. I had been grumpy for a few days, what with struggling with a migraine and the heatwave in France, but this book brought my good mood right back.

As often with narrators I don’t know yet, it took me a few minutes to get used to C.C. Sinclair’s voice. One thing I liked was that I never had to wonder who was talking, she made the various voices very different.

Having resigned from her job after her affair with her married boss turned sour, Channing Hughes flies from Boston to London to settle the estate of her grandfather. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to find out that the fortune she thought she was inheriting has all but disappeared. On the flight, she meets Dr Lark Latimer, on her way to investigate a drug trial failure. Channing and Lark couldn’t be more different, in appearance, but one thing they obviously share is a wickedly dry sense of humor.

That’s probably what I liked most, the humor. While the two women find themselves in uncomfortable circumstances and have every right to be cynical (and they are), their humor is never mean, never at the expense of anyone else, and it brings some kind of joy to bleak situations.

I’ve read a few of K.G. MacGregor’s books, some I’ve enjoyed a lot (Without Warning or T-Minus Two for example), but even with those I’m not as fond of, I’m never disappointed, there’s always something that makes them worth reading.

A Proper Cuppa Tea @ Lesbian audiobooks

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