Eastern Nights (The Compass Series Book 3)- Lise Gold & Addison Barnes (narrator)

Another excellent book in this excellent series. While Hannah and Kristine were sweet and easy-going, Kate and Felicia are both players. Both are happy with their life, neither wants or expects a relationship and both are taken by surprise when they realize their chemistry goes far beyond the sexual realm.

Born to an American father and a Jamaican mother, Kate is a successful interior designer in New Orleans. We’ve met her in book 2, Southern Roots, as she’s Kristine’s best friend, and Hannah’s boss. At the beginning of Eastern Nights, she’s in Bangkok, working on a new hotel. With women, she’s a hunter, used to being in charge. Then she meets Felicia, a fitting model working on her own clothing line. The attraction is undeniable, despite their tendency to both want to be the dominant one. Their one night stand turns into way more and their relationship becomes stronger and stronger, almost despite them.

Two small details, if I may: smoking is not sexy and while silk, on the other hand, is sexy, it might not be the best material to tie someone down for the first time as it tends to tighten unexpectedly.

Kristine and Hannah are one of my favorite couples ever, so my expectations were really high for this, and I wasn’t disappointed. Once again the narration by Addison Barnes is really good and enhances the characters in just the right way. And Lise Gold has this way of describing places, the sounds, the impressions, that makes you feel like you’re there. Her books really make me want to visit the places she sets them in, whether it’s Norway, Louisiana or, in this one, Thailand.

Eastern Nights @ Lesbian audiobooks


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