Don’t Let Go – Sheryl Wright

Despite her PhD, Tyler Marsh is struggling to find work. When she’s offered a job as a personal and executive assistant to Georgie DiNamico, a brilliant engineer and businesswoman with a head injury that makes verbal communication difficult, she soon finds out the real job description goes further than that of a glorified babysitter as she first thought.

I’ve read this book before, probably before I joined Goodreads as I have no record of it. I remembered a lot about it, which is pretty telling in my case, as all I tend to recall about books is the emotions (whether I liked it or not, if it made me uncomfortable etc.). Not long ago I read Cause and Affection by the same author and it didn’t work for me so well. This one on the other hand I really enjoyed. I loved the complex family dynamics, the loyalty of many family members towards Georgie, the way Tyler instantly « got » Georgie, how her mind works, the brilliance. There were a few characters I wish I could know more about, not because Sheryl Wright failed to flesh out secondary characters (she did not, quite a few of them feel very real and present), the opposite in away, she created so many interesting people, she would need a few sequels to do them all justice. I definitely need to get my hands on Stay With Me.

I’m happy I’d forgotten I’d read this and didn’t decide to stop when I realized I already knew what it was about. It was a good read and I enjoyed just as much (maybe more) the second time.

Don’t Let Go @ Bella Books

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