Whiskey Flick – Ryan Ringbloom

Whiskey Flick doesn’t claim to be more than a light read, which is good because it’s not. It’s a quick and easy read about secrets, loving the wrong (but oh-so-right) person and family. It’s a stand-alone romance but also part of a series, of which I’ve not read any other book as they are about straight characters.

In this one, Jenn has the biggest crush on her brother’s girlfriend Sasha. Right after Sasha breaks up with Henry, she and Jenn share « a moment » but Jenn can’t deal with the guilt of betraying her brother. The two women meet again three years later, their feelings are still as strong and they decide to try having a relationship while not letting anyone know. The thing with secret relationships is, they usually don’t end well.

I guess this is the author’s first F/F story, and she did an okay job (though I do agree with mahana’s take on coming-out).

Whiskey Flick @ amazon

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