The Arrangement – Melissa Tereze

My worst fear in life is my wife or my kid dying. I don’t know how I’d survive that. So I had a hard time at first with this book. I could totally see Sam literally dying of a broken heart.

Sam’s wife Lucia died two years ago and Sam hasn’t been really living since. When her assistant suggests she spends time with an escort, Sam balks but can’t help checking the website out. One of the women, Alexis, catches her eye and Sam decides to try dinner and conversation. But there’s a lot more to Alexis than her escort persona and despite herself, Sam slowly comes back to life.

The author touches on very sensitive issues (death, abuse, prostitution) in a rather delicate manner. This is not a light read in any way but it’s very moving and doesn’t leave the reader with a heavy feeling either.

The Arrangement @ amazon

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