Cause of Death – Sheri Lewis Wohl

I think I’ve read enough serial killer thrillers to last me a lifetime. So when I started reading Cause of Death, I was not completely ready to enjoy it. I liked the introduction to the MCs and the MCs themselves from the start. Vi’s backstory intrigued me and I felt the chemistry with Kat immediately. That was enough for me to like what I was reading at first. Then I realized that while I’d been reading the first serial killer scenes distractedly, I was getting more involved in them as I read on. And then I began appreciating them as well, and the way they are woven in with the romance (and more) aspects of the novel.

After her grandmother’s death, Vi leaves Alaska for Spokane, Washington to become an autopsy assistant while she studies to be a forensic pathologist. Kat is her landlady but also a K9 handler (Lucy sounds like the sweetest dog) and a computer genius. Her best friend Circe is married to a cop, Diana, and also has unexpected links to Vi. I really liked these characters, all of them, and wouldn’t say no to a sequel, or more. I’d love to spend more time with them.

Cause of Death @ Bold Strokes Books

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