Sit. Stay. Love. – Karis Walsh

This is one of the cutest books I’ve read in a long time, and not just because there are animals (but also because, you know, puppies).

After being betrayed by her boss, which, according to her, is worse than being betrayed by a girlfriend, Alana ends up in Yakima, Washington, far from the deluxe hotels she’s always aimed to work for. Refusing to be bitter about the situation, she does her best to do right by her new boss, a sweet guy who’s way in over his head with his new dude ranch. Tegan is the town vet and understands right from the start that Alana is out of her element. At first wary of her, she soon realizes that Alana could very well be the one who will break her heart.

I liked Alana from the start. She’s smart, kind, sweet, open-minded. Tegan is also really nice and of course they are meant for each other. The romance is really sweet and as I’ve written before, I don’t mind the instalove. I’ve been there, I know it happens.

Another thing I like so much about this book is the way Karis Walsh describes the surroundings, the trails, the beauty of nature. It reminds me a little of Gerri Hill’s novels, another author who’s so good at sharing how much she loves nature. This book also reminded me in particular of one of my all-time favorite Hill novels, No Strings, as the characters in both enter a relationship knowing it has an expiration date and trying (and failing) not to mind. The impermanence makes for great angstsy moments.

This might not be as obvious a 5-stars book as others I’ve reviewed recently, but I can’t give any less to a novel that makes me laugh out loud in joy and brings tears to my eyes the way this one did. So sue me, I don’t care.

Sit. Stay. Love. @ Bold Strokes Books

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