Coming of Age – HollyAnne Weaver & Megan Green (narrator)

Imagine having never been attracted to women and then suddenly falling in love with the one who drops her drink on you at the pub. That’s what happened to Pam. The story is told from her paramour’s POV. Everything goes very fast from there, both women professing their love before they even kiss, Pam meeting Sophie’s parents almost immediately, moving together…

At first I thought Pam and Sophie were rather obnoxious, what with all the laughing around the word « lesbian » and the comparisons between men and women, but they kinda grew on me gradually. Their journey to self-discovery is pretty cute and so is their love. Also, Sophie’s father is probably my favorite character, he’s very funny and loving and tender.

What angst there is in this book doesn’t come from the lovers’ relationship with each other, nor the finding out that they might be lesbians, or the stress of coming-out, but rather from Sophie’s worrying about her mother’s health and Pam’s complicated relationship with her family, especially her sister.

I’ll be honest, the story went mostly above my head. It didn’t completely work for me. But it wasn’t a waste of my time either.

Coming of Age @ Lesbian audiobooks

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