Because I Said So – Karin Kallmaker

There’s a reason why Karin Kallmaker has been hailed as the queen of lesbian romance. While this might not be her best book (or at least not my favorite), it definitely more than does the job.

Because I Said So is a second chance romance. Four years after an intense three days that ended for the wrong reasons, Kesa and Shannon meet again as Kesa’s younger sister (whom Kesa has been taking care of since their parents’ death) and Paz, whose unofficial guardian Shannon has been for a few years, plan to marry.

There’s a lot to like in this book, but the best is, as often with Kallmaker, both the characters and their jobs. I know it might sound strange, but the way she seems to research her MCs’ occupation makes their day to day life feel real. It has impressed me since my first Kallmaker book more than 20 years ago, and it still does. Both MCs and the small community of secondary cast are really good (I wish they existed and invited me to dinner, there’s a lot of food in this book and it all sounds yummy), and I loved the Jennifer Lamont cameo.

Because I Said So @ Bella Books

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