Out of the Shadows (Detective Amy Sadler #1) – Michelle Arnold & Lisa L Wiley (narrator)

After a few very sweet romances, I was in the mood for something grittier. This is my first book by this author, and I’m looking forward to the next one, especially as this is the start of a series. It’s also my first listening to a mystery / thriller on audiobook so I was a little wary, wondering how I’d react to the scary parts. I did ok and liked the narration, I felt the narrator did a great job at voicing the characters. 

We meet Amy and Lira when, after three years of friendship and believing the other to be straight, they both realize they have feelings for each other. The romance is really nice and I enjoyed the sweetness, mutual support and banter between the two women.

As this is also a mystery, involving a sadistic rapist / murderer, some parts are pretty tough to go through. Amy is a police detective, Lira a forensic pathologist and they work together on the case, until the case becomes much more personal. I don’t usually enjoy gruesome details of crimes but they serve a purpose in this story.

Out of the Shadows @ Lesbian audiobooks

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