After The Glitter Fades – Diane Marina & Daniela Acitelli (narrator)

I read this book a little over a year ago, and just finished listening to the audiobook version. I’d liked it well-enough when I read it, but the audio brings more life to it. The narration was pretty good and it really brought something more.

The story is a pretty traditional celebrity romance, with Sienna being a famous and very closeted Hollywood actress and Julia a very out TV personality. The former’s initial distrust of the latter quickly disappears as the two women spend more and more time together, gently falling in love. Miscommunication and paranoia on both sides undermine the relationship but both women gradually grow into themselves and into their love for each other, giving the reader a very logical happy ever after. One of the strengths of this book is the secondary characters, from Sienna’s family (I love her mother, and the relationship with kid sister Anna) to her ex-husband Derek, who seems to be the sweetest guy on Earth, and mutual friend and big mouth Elise.

All in all, a very enjoyable book.

After The Glitter Fades @ Bella Books / Lesbian audiobooks

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