The Love Song of Sawyer Bell – Avon Gale

This book was first released by Riptide in 2017. I didn’t read it at the time but according to Carina Press, no significant changes have been made to the text.

Sawyer’s dream has always been to study the violin at Juilliard, but after three years there, she’s finally ready to admit it’s not all she thought it would be. She’s under so much stress that she’s worried she doesn’t like playing anymore. So she wants to try something new. When she auditions to go on tour with Americana band Victoria Vincent, Vix and her bandmates can’t believe their luck. Sawyer is talented and sweet and gets on really well with all of them. She’s also coming to terms with the idea that maybe she’s a lesbian. In good news, Vix is bi and both think the other is hot and their friendship morphs into some sort of summer fling and then of course into something more.

One of the things I loved the most was the banter between Vix and Sawyer, including in sex scenes (which are totally hot), and how Vix falls in love with Sawyer mostly because she’s having so much fun with her.

This is such a feel-good novel that I think I smiled almost the whole time, and I might have laughed aloud when at some point Sawyer summarizes it as « Fingerblasting and Fiddles: What I Did on My Summer Vacation ». It’s sweet and sexy (except cigarettes. Cigarettes are not sexy) and mostly happy.

One last thing, I love that this is published by a division of Harlequin. While I’m very attached to lesbian publishers, where I feel at home and know what I’m buying, making books about wlw accessible to a larger audience is always good news.

The Love Song of Sawyer Bell @ Carina Press

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