Wavering Convictions – Erin Dutton

I love the premise of this book: when Maggie and Ally share a table in the cafeteria next to the courthouse, neither knows they’re both there for the same case. Maggie was robbed at gunpoint by Ally’s brother. The truth comes out in the next days and both women find themselves in a sort of Catch-22 situation.

There’s a « human interest » feel to it, I could totally see some tabloid headline: « Victime falls in love with attacker’s girlfriend! »

While I felt for Maggie, whose view on life changes dramatically after the robbery, my heart really went to Ally, torn between her family and the woman she’s falling for, her sense of duty and her happiness.

With such a complicated situation, I was surprised to not feel more. It was a completely okay read, not boring but not exciting either. It lacked color, in a way. But I’d still recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a quick read. And if you haven’t yet, check out Erin Dutton’s other books.

Wavering Convictions @ Bold Strokes Books

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