Beautiful Dreamer – Melissa Brayden

Damn you Melissa Brayden for making me feel so much each and every time.

This is a reunion / friends to lovers romance. Elizabeth and Devyn went to school together. After graduation, Elizabeth stayed in their small town while Devyn left as soon as she could. Years later, an accident brings them back in the same place. Elizabeth is a whirlwind of nice and quirky. She’s the town sweetheart, helping everyone out, because it’s her job but also because that’s the way she is. Also, anyone who measures hotness in jalapeños is on my team. Devyn, on the other hand, is not a people person. Once upon a time, she was the captain of the cheerleader team but, as popular as she was then, she definitely wasn’t happy. All she cares about now is her very successful career as a real estate broker. Back in her hometown to help her sister Jill, she ends up liking her former schoolmate a lot more than she thought possible.

One of the things I like most in Melissa Brayden’s novels is the way the places she sets her stories in become characters themselves, whether it’s big cities, as in the Soho Loft series (still one of my faves ever) or small towns, as in this book. She pays attention to details, which also makes her secondary characters as real as the MCs.

There’s a lot of cuteness in this novel (Scout stole my heart), along with the usual sexiness and fun which are Brayden’s trademarks. Yet another win (I might have said that before about some of her previous novels, but it’s true once more).

Beautiful Dreamer @ Bold Strokes Books

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