One Last Shot by Lily Seabrooke & Jacqueline Ramsden

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Jokes and comedies are more likely to make me cringe than laugh. This book though brought me a lot of joy, not only because it did make me laugh several times but it made me do so with tenderness.

Ava grew up thinking she couldn’t be more different from her twin sister Eva. Everything Eva is and likes is everything Ava hates. So when Eva, now a famous pop singer under the name Nova, shows up at her dorm room door and asks Ava to impersonate her for a couple of months, Ava wishes she could say no. Circumstances, however, push her to agree and thus begins an unexpectedly illuminating journey of self-discovery for the quiet History student.

I’ve read a few of Lily Seabrooke’s books and enjoyed them all and I’ve been wanting to read one of Jacqueline Ramsden’s for a while, so when I saw they had co-authored this one, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Also, they’re one of the cutest couples on social media and I know that shouldn’t count but it added to my motivation.

So much so that I didn’t read the blurb and I’m glad I didn’t. Twin swap? Slapstick comedy material. Not my thing. Huge cringe potential. Ava is so relatable though, and Eva isn’t as shallow as she seems to be, and let’s not forget how hot Freja is, in so many ways. I loved that there’s a very good romance as well as a rediscovering-who-my-sister-really-is arc and that both are funny and sweet and heartwarming. The story dragged a bit somewhere in the middle of the second half then picked up speed again with a series of twists.

I hope this won’t be the only time Seabrooke and Ramsden write together. And I want to start reading the latter’s books even more now.


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