It’s in Her Kiss (Midnight in Manhattan #2) – Rachel Lacey & Lori Prince (narrator)

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Sometimes with series, there’s one book that I don’t remember as well as the others (by remember, I don’t mean the stories or the characters obviously, but the overall feeling) and It’s In Her Kiss was that book for the Midnight in Manhattan series. I’m not sure why, and it has nothing to do with whether I like a book or not. Anyway, while listening to the audiobook of a story I’ve read often feels like both a new and a familiar experience, in this case it felt mostly new and I really really enjoyed it.

I already reviewed the book so I’ll keep it short. Jules and Sophie are lovely and I love them together. I love how respectful and understanding they both are with each other.

I liked the narration a lot as well. The main thing that doesn’t always work for me about Lori Prince’s narrations is her male voices but she nailed most of them here. I also love how both MCs sound. If Jules’ voice surprised me at first, it didn’t take long for it to feel right. Sophie’s voice fits very well too.

I started listening after a pretty rough week and this was the perfect audiobook for my state of mind. Sweet, funny, heartwarming, hot. 4.5⭐️

Read my review of It’s In Her Kiss, the book.


Listen to It’s In Her Kiss:


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