Breathe with Me (New World #4) – Lily X

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It’s the year 0132 in the New World but you wouldn’t know it by looking at Aster. An antique dealer by trade and tradition, Aster grew up with fathers obsessed with all things Old Earth and still dresses in Victorian clothes. As she’s trying to assess a mirror she acquired from an Old Earth refugee, a woman appears in a cloud of smoke.

Breathe With Me is book 4 in the New World series by Lily X. All books are set in the same universe but can be read as standalones. I’ve enjoyed the worldbuilding from the start, even if the relationships between the characters felt a bit creepy at times in the previous books. I don’t like dropping series once I’ve committed to them, but after book 3 (Own Me), I was ready to move on, convinced this author wasn’t for me. Then I saw that this book would be about time travel and I couldn’t resist. I requested it and I’m very glad I did.

There’s none of what bothered me in the first three books. The instalust and instalove remain but in ways that don’t feel problematic. The characters are interesting, complete opposite, sexy, and definitely made for each other. Their backstories explain who they are when they meet and leave doors open to all sorts of possibilities for the future.

I think there’s one last book planned in the series and I’m back to looking forward to it.


Breathe With Me @ Kobo / amazon

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