Own Me (New World #3) – Lily X.

On a backdrop of book pages, an iPad with the cover of Now World: Own Me by Lily X. At the bottom of the image, on the right-hand side, a strip of torn paper with a quote: ""A quick and hot read"" and a url: judeinthestars.com

For about 85%, this book was mostly smut for the sake of smut and I was here for it. Then the story started focusing on the characters’ feelings suddenly, and all the hotness and steam from before kind of disappeared. To be honest, I felt a bit cheated. The sex scenes between the MCs are the best part, even though some of the issues I had with the two previous books in the series remain. Most notably the emphasis on the age gap, despite the gap being a mere eight years. The author overplays the experienced older woman vs the wide-eyed innocent younger one. Unlike her counterparts in the other books, however, Austy is far from innocent, she’s rather blunt and open about sex and about wanting it, it’s only to BDSM that she’s new.

If you’re looking for a quick and hot read set on a couple of planets that aren’t ours, this could be it. Quick and hot is why I keep reading these books, as the Omegaverse vibes aren’t really my thing. The next one has time travel though, which made it impossible to ignore.

3 stars

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