Love Burns Bright (Fatal Fidelity #3) – Rien Gray

There’s nothing simple about introducing the person you love to your parents. When that person is a non-binary assassin? And you’ve stayed away from your parents because of your abusive husband? And your parents have secrets of their own? Things get really interesting.

One of the reasons I stopped reading thrillers for a long time was that I hated being in the head of the killer. What am I doing reading a series about an assassin then? In Rien Gray’s Fatal Fidelity books, violence is the solution more often than not. It’s never glorified, however, and Campbell is one of the most complex characters I know. In this book, both them and Justine are faced with hard choices and fundamental questions. I feel like the author avoided all traps in creating morally-grey characters, and I enjoyed reading about the conundrum their love and desire for a future together put them in, their thought process in finding the right answers, or answers that are right for them at any rate.

I first started this series because the premise of the first book, Love Kills Twice, intrigued me, an assassin hired by both husband and wife who ends up falling in love with the latter. The second one, Love Bleeds Deep, was good but I didn’t feel the same enthusiasm for it. This third book renewed my interest, giving me familiar and new at the same time. I don’t know if there will be a fourth but I hope so.


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